About Upstate Internet

Upstate internet is focused on bringing FAST, cost effective internet to Brockport and the surrounding areas (Holley, Kendall, Clarkson, Hamlin and others). No cable or Satellite Dish is necessary for our service to wirelessly reach you! We offer several different options to meet all types of service needs, from our low, extremely cost effective and reliable service, all the way up to the best service available for streaming and gaming!

About Our Founders

Ken Schwenker


Owner & CEO

Christine and Ken Schwenker bring several years of expertise to the market that is unique and outstanding. Christine, with her Master's in Education from SUNY Geneseo, has owned and operated several businesses throughout the years. Christine realizes the Upstate Internet focus has to be on an all-encompassing attention to customer's needs. Ken, with his BS ME & Master's in Computer Science from RIT, spent his career at Kodak as an engineering manager and started several other service based companies. Both can evaluate the level of service the customer needs and the best way to deliver product.

Christine Schwenker


Owner & Partner

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